Zach & Jodi

We wanted to take a step back to last year when we experienced for the first time a beautiful wedding in Morocco. As wedding photographers it’s always inspiring visiting a new destination, soaking in the life, colour, light, people and ambience of such an exotic place. After a few days getting lost in the hustle of bustle of the busy souks of Marrakesh, we took a journey 1 hour outside of the city and spent some time at the wonderful Berber Lodge, close to the desert. Not only that, we got to document the the low key and intimate wedding of two very special people there.

Yasmin and Djamo invited us to join them and their closest family for two unforgettable days under the Moroccan sun. Wanting to steer away from tradition and the limelight of a wedding day, they opted instead to spend time with their loved ones enjoying the simple pleasures of life… incredible food, quality time and plenty of laid-back fun. At one point during the day they sat down together to write a letter to one another that only they would see and hear. Later in the evening when music and drinks were in full swing, they slipped away to a quiet part of the lodge where only distant laughter of family could be heard. They swapped their hand-written letters with one another and read them in silence.

It was a time and place we still think about a lot and we hope to visit again soon!